Are you on the lookout for a scrumptious yet nutritious breakfast or snack option? Look no further than this supercharged chia seed pudding recipe! Packed with wholesome ingredients like chia seeds, flax seeds, poppy seeds, and a drizzle of wildflower honey, this pudding is not only delicious but also loaded with essential nutrients to kickstart your day on the right note. Let's dive into how to whip up this delightful treat!


  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp flax seeds
  • 1 tbsp poppy seeds
  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 1 tbsp wildflower honey
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1 tbsp sunflower butter
  • Toppings: Skinny Jeans Granola and coconut flakes


  1. Prepare the Seed Mixture: In a small bowl or jar, combine the chia seeds, flax seeds, poppy seeds, and flax sesame seeds. Mix well to ensure the seeds are evenly distributed.

  2. Add Sweetness: Drizzle the wildflower honey over the seed mixture. This natural sweetener not only enhances the flavor but also adds a touch of floral sweetness.

  3. Pour in the Almond Milk: Slowly pour the almond milk into the bowl or jar with the seed mixture. Stir gently to combine all the ingredients. Make sure the seeds are well coated with the almond milk.

  4. Mix in the Sunflower Butter: Add the sunflower butter to the mixture and stir until thoroughly incorporated. Sunflower butter adds a creamy texture and a hint of nuttiness to the pudding.

  5. Let it Set: Cover the bowl or jar with a lid or plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2-3 hours, or preferably overnight. Allowing the pudding to chill will allow the chia seeds to absorb the liquid and create a thick, pudding-like consistency.

  6. Serve and Garnish: Once the pudding has set, give it a final stir to ensure it's well mixed. Spoon the pudding into serving bowls or jars. Top each serving with a generous sprinkle of Skinny Jeans Granola for added crunch and a handful of coconut flakes for a tropical twist.

  7. Enjoy: Dig into your nutritious creation and savor every spoonful of this wholesome chia seed pudding! Whether enjoyed as a breakfast option, midday snack, or guilt-free dessert, this nutrient-packed pudding is sure to satisfy your cravings while fueling your body with essential nutrients.

Additional Tips:

  • Feel free to customize this recipe according to your taste preferences. You can experiment with different types of seeds, sweeteners, or nut butters to create your perfect combination.
  • If you prefer a sweeter pudding, you can adjust the amount of honey to suit your taste.
  • Make a batch of this chia seed pudding ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator for a quick and convenient grab-and-go breakfast option during busy mornings.

With its powerhouse of nutrients and irresistible flavors, this supercharged chia seed pudding is bound to become a staple in your culinary repertoire. So why wait? Whip up a batch today and treat yourself to a nourishing and delicious delight that your taste buds and body will thank you for!

April 01, 2024 — Morgan Potts