Mardi Pardi - 10 oz. Granola Share Pack


It’s a Mardi Pardi in your mouth when you taste this Granarly blend of the world’s only whiskey baked granola! This crunchy yet chewy twist of the Louisiana staple, King Cake will have you shouting, “laissez les bon temps rouler!” as your mind is transported to Bourbon Street.

Baked to perfection with just the right amount of whiskey, cinnamon, and cream cheese, you’ll need to Geaux get more because you’ll never want this Pardi to stop.

Top 8 Allergen Free and Vegan, this one-of-a-kind snackable granola will fuel your adventures and spice up your favorite treats. As we like to say around here, “Life’s an adventure. Don’t be bland. Eat Granarly!

Customer Reviews

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I hate granola...I love granarly

I personally don't love granola. I've never liked it. It just feels so boring and messy to me. I am obsessed with granarly and specifically Mardi Pardi. It's like having cake without the guilt. It never makes my stomach hurt (I'm allergic to everything) and it's super easy to eat on the go. I recently started adding milk directly into the package and having it as cereal. Clean up is a dream.

Suzanne Allman
Best Granola!

I love the flavor and freshness! It’s very unique, nothing like it anywhere!!

so delicious

as a breastfeeding mom i make myself fancy yogurt parfaits (oats are good for milk supply) every morning. these taste amazing and have really upgraded the experience. highly recommend!!!

Great for any occasion

I've now eaten this as my pre-dinner snack, post-dinner snack, pre-breakfast snack, and actual breakfast. This is the most delicious and versatile granola that legitimately tastes like a King Cake (but with nutritional value!!). At this rate, I'll be done with the bag in 2.5 days.

Lamar Romero
Best granola mix I've tasted thus far

This granola was indeed gnarly (I'm from the 80s) and was the best damn mix I've had in a while!

The Best Ingredients

Gluten Free Oats, Raisins, Olive Oil, Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Bourbon Whiskey, Natural Flavors, Sea salt, Cinnamon