Our Roots


The Tasty Story of Morgan, Oatis, and Granarly

“Taste and see that the Lord is good!” 

Psalm 34:8

It was the night before a college snowboarding trip when Morgan Potts dreamed she should bake whiskey into granola, and call it Granarly. The next day, she whipped up a batch, shared it with her friends on the slopes, and the rest, you could say, is history. Except, as with all dreams that come true, it wasn’t exactly that easy. 

Morgan has always been up for an adventure, but nothing could’ve prepared her for the wild ride in store for her with Granarly. Slated to begin vet school on the island of Grenada, she realized she was more interested in the spice farms than looking for a new apartment. Becoming a doctor was the safe, comfortable route, but where was the adventure in that? Was she as crazy as everyone thought to give up vet school to make granola? Apparently, the answer was, yes!

Shortly after turning down vet school, Shark Tank called. At the time, Morgan and Granarly were little guppies venturing to swim with the sharks, but even though she didn’t get on the show, it showed her that she was on to something and to just keep swimming.

“Every adventure has peaks and valleys.”

If Shark Tank was a peak, there were valleys that still lay ahead. One day, while interning at her church, Morgan’s pastor, Daniel, asked to hear her story. She was hesitant to tell him about her dream to make whiskey-infused granola (because he was a pastor and all), but she said, “I think this is what I’m supposed to do.” 

He answered, “You’ve tasted and seen the Lord is good, you need to go for it. Have you ever thought that maybe this was a dream the Lord put on your heart?”

“God gave me this dream for a reason.”

Morgan began showing up with her delicious granola at farmer's markets all around Louisiana, worked trade shows, and got into several small grocery stores. Eventually, she purchased a food truck, lovingly named him “Oatis,” and moved to the food truck capital of the world, Austin, Texas.

But one day, in a dark valley, Morgan wanted to give up. “Everything was heavy, and I felt like I was an imposter. I was broke, and struggling, and wondered if this would ever be more than a dream.” After a long cross-country drive, she decided that she’d keep going despite her doubts. A few months later, Target called and wanted her product in their stores.

“Don’t give up on your dreams. You might be closer than you can imagine.”

Granarly has already been an adventure and exists to inspire you to live yours. Life’s too short to eat boring granola, and it’s definitely too short not to live your dreams. Oh taste and see the Lord (and the granola) are good. You’ll never want to go back.


Morgan & Oatis